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5 Natural Ways of Tooth Whitening

Oral health is something that is greatly ignored by people. But they are not aware that it is very important to maintain oral health. The first activity for digestion of food takes place in the mouth. So it can be very well understood why oral health is important. 

Smile is a precious gift given to all. But what if someone loses his/her confidence when it comes to smiling. This is when the teeth are not white and properly clean. It is not that if someone is facing tooth discoloration it means they are not brushing regularly. Tooth discoloration can be caused by many other factors also. People are concerned about how to whiten their teeth naturally with home remedies, it is possible now. Here are some natural methods to whiten your teeth. 

  •  Brush your teeth regularly: Remember brushing your teeth daily is the most important thing to maintain your teeth white. If you have not been brushing regularly, it’s time you should start doing it. If you brush your teeth daily and still your teeth turn out to be yellowish then brush more often, especially after having meals or drinks, which is the reason behind yellow teeth. But remember don’t brush immediately after taking acidic foods or drinks because it can lead to erosion. For extra glamour, try using tooth-whitening toothpaste. These types of toothpaste use mild abrasives, which help to remove tough stains from teeth surfaces.
  • Oil pulling: In this technique squish oil around in your mouth. Any kind of oil could be used for oil pulling, but sunflower oil and sesame oil are used often. Coconut oil is also used as it tastes good and offers other health benefits as well. Oil pulling is useful because it helps in removing many types of bacteria from the mouth. These bacteria can cause plaque and make teeth yellow. Hence, oil pulling is very useful for you in your tooth whitening quest. There’s no harm in giving it a try.
  • Brush your teeth using baking soda: Baking soda has teeth whitening properties. It rubs off stains from the tooth surface due to its abrasive nature. Basically, baking soda creates such an environment inside the mouth that it prevents the growth of bacterias. In a study, it was found that toothpaste that contains baking soda is more beneficial in removing yellow stains from the surface of teeth.
  • Use Hydrogen peroxide paste: Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent. It helps in killing bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide is used to kill bacteria on wounds by people for many years now. Many commercial teeth whitening products contain traces of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Rub banana, orange, or lemon peels: The people who gave this technique a shot are happy with the results. The plus point is that this technique doesn’t involve harmful chemicals. In this, you can use banana, orange, or lemon peel and gently rub it on your teeth. Keep rubbing it for 2 minutes. After that thoroughly wash your mouth and brush your teeth. The peels of these fruits contain citric acid, which helps in teeth whitening. If sensitivity issues prevail, chances are that your tooth’s enamel is weak or has worn off. In this case, this technique is not recommended.


Hence, by using any of the above techniques you will simply feel a lot of difference in your oral as well as overall health. If you have any queries or any suggestions feel free to comment down below.

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