How to clothe your child sustainably

Many people would be wondering, what their children have to do with sustainable fashion. The answer is quite a bit long; the clothing industry keeps on to grow, and what is mainly present for your kids is often made with unsustainable fabric material. There are many extensive issues in the clothing industry, but specifically the waste that is generated from kids clothing is enormous as they are constantly outgrowing their clothes. However, there are  many ways to form your child’s clothing more sustainable and long-lasting.

Buy Second Hand

One of the easiest option is to buy clothing second hand. This option makes clothing not only sustainable but also more pocket friendly as shopping at secondhand stores is usually affordable than buying new clothes.  Reusing these clothes also helps to keep them out of the landfill, giving them a long lasting life. It is the perfect solution to get some new clothes for your child without having to purchase any new fabrics. Buying second hand is convenient, there are tons of second hand stores in most cities.

Donate so that others have the chance to live sustainably

Donating your kids clothes once they outgrow them, makes it possible for other people to use them, again increasing their life, making them more sustainable. Often, as children grow so fast, clothing which is still perfectly in good condition ends up in the landfill whereas if it is donated it makes other kids wear the clothes and this practice helps to continue the second hand tradition.

Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money

Hand me down clothing is often practiced between family members or friends passing the used or old clothes their kids have grown out of directly down to kids that could wear them again. This is beneficial because its for free and can be passed down directly to another family that you know.

Clothing Swaps are much fun, an easy way to trade old clothes for some new ones for your child!

Similarly, cloth swaps allow clothes to be passed to other children so that they can wear them. Clothing swaps can be of great fun while organizing it with friends and family and allow a wider selection of clothing to choose from.

Composting natural fibres

There are some fibres which are degradable, meaning that they will not accumulate and gather and remain in the landfill for long periods of time, making them the most environmentally sustainable way of clothing. Environmental considerations for our planet are extremely important when considering purchasing clothes for your children. After all, your kids will be the next generation on this earth, so the effect that you have on it directly  will impact their lives in the future . Natural fibres, such as items that are made from pure wool or cotton will degrade, while synthetic fibres, such as polyester, will not. Purchasing natural fibres and composting them will decrease the amount of clothes in landfills, and will have virtually no negative environmental impact. If you have to purchase new fabrics, buying something sustainable, like hemp, will allow for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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