DIY Ideas For Thrift Store Furniture Finds

A number of homeowners are turning to DIY projects when they want to upgrade the design of their homes. Many times, doing something yourself can save you money, in spite of hiring a professional. Cosmetic upgrades for your home is a big example. Decorating a home on a budget is not always an easy task. Finding things you love, but not at the cost of spending much can be a tough task.

With a little bit of DIY creativity, you can turn these used items into beautiful home decor articles. If you’re looking for furniture finds within your limited budget, shopping at a thrift store is the best place to start. You can achieve your favorite home design style for much less by shopping at thrift stores. Most of the time we get good quality items, but even those items may need some DIY efforts.

Dining Chairs

The mismatched look for a kitchen dining table is a  trending style in home designing. All you need is two to four good quality chairs that have a solid base. It is not necessary that they have to have the same finish, because these can be sanded and restained. A new slipcover can be added or the seat cushions can be reupholstered. This is a wonderful way to achieve a custom designer look for your dining space without spending much money.

End Tables

Wooden end tables can be repainted easily. When you find a table with good structure, you can simply sand it and add a fresh coat of paint in your favorite color and finish. An end table doesn’t necessarily need to match the other pieces of furniture in the room, hence it may be a great piece to buy at a thrift store. You can add shiny new hardware and voila, you have a beautiful piece that looks like you paid top dollar for.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps for an office or bedroom can be easily found at a thrift store. Sometimes all you need to do is a little buffing and shining. One trick which we like to use is adding a designer light bulb for a unique look. You’d be surprised at how mere adding a  new bulb can make such a big difference.


A refinished vintage dresser is a great way to beautify a bedroom. Vintage and mid-century modern finds often happen at thrift stores all the time. If you choose to refurbish the piece, look for unique details that you can highlight. You might want to add new legs to the dresser. 


Rather than purchasing a brand new sofa, you can try to find one that has a good structure. If you like the size and shape of a gently used sofa, you can always change the filling and reupholster it with a new fabric of your liking. A down-filled sofa which didn’t cost you a fortune can be a surprise. It’s possible if you get creative with DIY and give new life to an old sofa.

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