5 ways Braces Can Change Your Appearance

If your teeth are “overbite” or “under bite”, misalignment of the jaw or protruding teeth can affect your facial appearance. A bite (also called “covering” by orthodontists) can make the jaw and chin become inconspicuous, while a bite can make the lower jaw appear more prominent and the cheeks sunken. Orthodontic treatment may have little effect on facial shape, depending on the severity of the problem being treated.

Bucky Teeth or overbite:

Braces are usually used in conjunction with orthodontic elastic and/or occlusion correction springs, which can effectively treat most occlusion problems, but you should make an appointment with a professional orthodontist to find out which treatment method is best for your individual situation. During the evaluation process, your orthodontist will perform X-ray examinations to determine the nature and severity of the malocclusion and formulate a treatment plan to ensure that the corrective occlusion is safe and effectively improve your facial appearance to the greatest extent.


Orthodontic treatment may change or improve the “mandible”, but this may require expansion appliances, functional appliances, elastic bands or surgery, in addition to orthotics or orthotics to achieve significant changes. Concurrent correction of misaligned bites will also be your professional orthodontist’s first task. The best orthodontic treatment effect should be balanced between the aesthetic improvement of the teeth, smile, face and “jaw” and stable, comfortable and functional bite​​​​

Shape of Your mouth:

Depending on the type of malocclusion you want to correct, you may notice a change in the appearance of the mouth itself. This is because certain conditions (such as an open bite) may make it difficult to close the mouth completely. This can make the mouth look more stretched. By correcting the bite, you will help change the shape of the mouth when it is closed.


Yes, you may notice that your lips look different after correction and other forms of orthodontic treatment. This is because the protrusion or “fullness” of the lips is directly affected by the forward position and alignment of the front teeth. Therefore, when the front teeth are moved to a better position, the shape of the lips will also change. As part of the initial patient evaluation, the orthodontist will carefully evaluate the lips and face and consider any expected changes when planning treatment. This means you can be confident that the final treatment result will make your teeth, smile, lips and face as beautiful and balanced as possible.

It will help you look younger:

When you receive orthodontic treatment as an adult, it will make you feel like you are back in your adolescence (especially if you wear braces). In fact, people will really look younger after the treatment is completed. In some cases, correcting the alignment of the chin can also make the skin of the chin look tighter, soften the appearance of wrinkles, and effectively alleviate the aging process.

Finally, brackets will help you smile more confidently. Since you got the feature alignment with the help of braces it will give you immense pleasure and would force you to flaunt your new smile.

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