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5 Things You should Never Buy at Thrift Stores

Generally, anything that can be cleaned is a safe choice. However, some items that are not suitable for cleaning and may carry harmful bacteria may not be purchased from second-hand stores.

When shopping in thrift stores, please avoid the following 5 items:

Children’s safety equipment including cribs, strollers, and car seats

You can never be too careful when it comes to child safety.

If you are considering buying a crib, stroller or car seat second-hand, you need to thoroughly inspect these items for damage, because unlike clothes, the malfunction of these items is not always visible.

According to Duct Tape and Denim, since safety standards are constantly changing, it is important to conduct research to see if you want to recall the goods you want to buy.

Duct Tape and Denim also pointed out that car seats can only prevent one accident. Since it’s almost impossible to know the past of an item when shopping for second-hand goods, buying a used car seat may not be worth the risk.


According to catheter tape and denim, like car seats, bicycle and motorcycle helmets can only withstand one impact.

Since it may be difficult to know the history of used items, it is best not to worry about regrets. Not to mention, the helmet, like a hat, can also serve as a carrier for lice and other infections.

Electric appliances

According to Bargain Babe, when considering the purchase of second-hand electronics, tests should be conducted in stores to ensure that they are working properly.

Old-fashioned appliances can be faulty and outdated, so it’s best to make sure they work properly before spending money.

Stuffed animals

Children often keep plush toys by their side, so you should be extra careful when buying second-hand toys.

According to the “Six Yuan Family”, children’s teddy bears may carry bacteria, odors, bed bugs, molds and allergens.

Although you can wash the plush toy with hot water and dry it with heat to clean the plush toy, this may deform it. This method is not foolproof, and bacteria will still remain after disinfection.

Anything that looks damaged or stained

Although most thrift stores are very strict about which donations are actually put on the shelves, there is no uniform standard for determining which items will end up on the shelves and which items will not be placed on the shelves. Therefore, it is important to criticize the items to be considered for purchase.

Bargaining baby recommends thoroughly inspecting any item you are buying to make sure it smells good, does not stain, does not stick to your hands, and is in good condition.

According to Six Dollar Family, second-hand furniture with a mysterious history poses the same risks as second-hand mattresses.

Like mattresses, furniture can carry mold, pet dander, bed bugs, mites, pet stains and other potentially dangerous bacteria.

Instead of taking risks, consider buying new or second-hand furniture from trusted friends or family members.

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