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5 Smart Ways to Save on a Wedding Dress

Planning a wedding is a  part of your new life with your beloved ones, but it’s one thing that can cause a lot of stress. Between booking a suitable venue and getting all the details in place, it’s common for an engagement to bring on anxiety rather than joy.

Now the question is what if you fall in love with a dress you can’t afford? Here are some things and ideas that have worked for people.

1.Wear a Loved One’s Dress

Most married women still have their wedding dress in their wardrobe. If there is a special lady in your life and it’s possible for you to wear her wedding dress, ask her for it. Many people feel happy to see their dress worn again, especially by someone they care and love.

Remember to consider any lady you love when you’re thinking about this.

2.Thrift a Dress… or Fabric

Many people oppose at the idea of getting their wedding dress from a thrift shop, but the truth is that you can often grab a great deal if you’re willing to put in the efforts. If you find a dress whose style you already liked, that’s awesome. But don’t discount a dress you hate. If it’s made from a great fabric, like raw silk, the material itself is usually worth more than the thrift store price. And, for less than the price of a new dress, you can have a unique remake or change that dress into something you love.

3. Get a Designer Discount

Even if you have your heart on a designer dress, you don’t have to pay the full price. Check out the Nearly Newlywed or to find some of the designer gowns that people are reselling. Often, these are a fraction of the price the dress would cost new.

Try on some dresses in a store before you buy anything online, so that you know what size you’re looking for. So if your size isn’t available and on the other hand you don’t want to wait, try buying a dress that’s a little  big. Even after you pay your seamstress, it will likely be cheaper than buying new.

4. Check Out a Mass Retailer

Some of these wedding dresses are simple, so you might want to add some details of your own. But when the dress itself costs low, it’s easier to afford the alterations that will make it  yours. If you happen to find a dress you adore, you’ll end up finding with the gown of your dreams for even less.

5. Try Sample Sale Sites

Once or twice a year, the top sample sale sites (think Gilt, Ideeli, and Rue La La) offer a bridal collection at a huge discount. Designer dresses can go for 50%-75% off the normal retail price, so you can get an amazing dress for a steal.

You will have to act attentively when these sales go live, because they often sell out very quickly. Know what you wish for and when the sale starts, and be ready to buy as quickly as you can. If you accidentally miss the sale, it may not come around again before your wedding.

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