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5 Reasons to Buy Used Furniture

In 2019 before COVID, the United States landfilled 9.8 million tons of furniture. In the consumerist society where we live, we are so focused on the next thing that we often neglect to appreciate what we have. Buying second-hand furniture can not only bring out you as a consumer but will also bring endless benefits to the entire society. Following are 5 reasons to buy used furniture.

It saves resources

The furniture industry is very wasteful. Although there is enough furniture in good condition available but many people tend to buy only new furniture again and again. The consumption of natural resources is accelerating, and the materials used to construct furniture (such as wood) are in great demand. Every second-hand piece of furniture you buy means that the materials that can be used to make the furniture can be saved or better used elsewhere.

It reduces waste

We have been persuaded to consume more. Whether it is television, media, or social expectations. People firmly believe that the furniture has a certain time limit, once it expires, you must replace the old furniture with newer furniture. This means that even if the item is in perfect condition, people tend to throw it away. 

It is estimated that by 2032, landfills will reach their capacity.  One of the best ways to help prevent unnecessary items from entering the dump is a second-hand store. When people choose to donate instead of throwing furniture to the side of the road, and customers choose furniture as the ideal choice for their home, you will be able to extend the life cycle of quality goods and save it from going to the already overburdened landfill waste. 

It costs less

According to Stats, people spent more than $52 million on household furniture and furnishings in 2019. Furniture is a lucrative industry, and we as consumers are driving its growth. Usually, when we replace furniture, it is not an item that needs to be replaced, but an item that we want to replace. But when you take a step back and put the purchased content into context, do you really think it’s worthwhile to spend $2,000 on a brand new sofa? The same money can be used to fund a week’s vacation. 

On the other hand, the cost of second-hand furniture is usually lower. The original price of the same sofa was US$2,000, but its price may be only US$300, almost the same as a new sofa. Another advantage of buying cheap second-hand furniture is that it does not require any responsibility. Buying a brand new sofa is an investment. Buying a used sofa at an affordable price is not your promise, and if you change your mind, you can always resell it at a similar price.

It benefits the community

Large furniture stores rely on global supply chains and overseas manufacturing, while second-hand stores tend to operate locally. Second-hand furniture stores are usually independent and hire residents who live near you.

Second-hand furniture has a history

There is a story behind every piece of second-hand furniture. Maybe the floor lamp once sat on the table of a famous writer, or maybe it was a lamp used by a mother to read bedtime stories to children. Regardless of its history, owning a unique object from a kit of thousands of homes across the country is a special thing. When you buy second-hand furniture, you will give it a new beginning and it will become a part of your story, and perhaps one day you will pass this history to another family.

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