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5 Effective Dental Health Care Tips For Healthy Teeth

We all like that moment when the camera operator asks us to “say cheese” to capture that special moment forever. We all know that the purpose of talking about cheese is to make our teeth visible and give people a smile. Regrettably, when some of us can’t smile and shut our mouths when taking pictures or selfies, it’s really bad. The main reason is that our teeth are unhealthy due to poor oral care habits. Fortunately, through proper dental care and an oral hygiene system, we can make our teeth healthy.  Following are 6 most effective tips for healthy tips

Brush your mouth with proper brushing technique:

Brushing not only means brushing your teeth correctly but also the gums, tongue, and top of the mouth. All these areas also need to be cleaned properly. So, what is the appropriate brushing technique? During the brushing process, place the bristles at a 45-degree angle to the gum line so that they touch both the teeth and the gums. Then, move the brush back and forth. Perform the same steps on the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and gums. 

Remember to brush your teeth and gums gently and avoid stroking hard to prevent gum erosion and bleeding. After that, gently wipe your tongue and the top of your mouth, as it will help you remove bacteria and prevent bad breath. Brush your tongue in circular motions. You can also use dental floss and a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Make sure to brush your mouth at least twice a day before going to bed and in the morning.

Floss regularly and properly:

Although brushing can properly clean the surface of the teeth, it cannot reach the spaces between the teeth. Fortunately, the use of dental flossing technology can clean these spaces by removing food particles stuck between the teeth. When using dental floss, wrap the dental floss around each tooth and rub it against the teeth in a forward or backward movement in a “C” shape. In order to maintain good oral hygiene, the floss should be cleaned at least once a day.

Eat food that is teeth-friendly:

Most of us often eat different flavors of food, but we hardly consider the impact of these foods on dental health. Food that is firm, helps in keeping the teeth clean. These foods include fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, raw carrots and celery, nuts, chicken, cheese, and even popcorn. Eating these foods as snacks greatly helps us in cleaning our teeth. These are like “natural toothbrushes”. The best time to eat these foods (especially fruits and vegetables) is after a meal.

Reduce the intake of sugary foods, beverages, and snacks:

Eating snacks before going to bed without brushing your teeth will leave sugar and food particles on your teeth for a long time which will lead to bacterial growth. In addition, sugar will convert into acid in the mouth which will cause tooth decay. First, you should choose some healthier foods such as water, fruits, and unsweetened tea. Second, if you eat snacks or drink sugary drinks or anything else before going to bed then please don’t forget to brush your teeth properly.

Limit the intake of tobacco, sodas, alcohol

Avoiding tobacco products (mainly cigarettes) is the best thing that all of us can do to preserve the health of our teeth. Tobacco discolors teeth and causes bad breath and tooth decay. It can also cause serious complications, such as oral cancer.

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