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Five ways to prevent bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are so common that most of us will experience it in our lifetime. In fact, in the last year alone, more than half of the population experienced bleeding gums when brushing their teeth.

Bleeding gums are one of the earliest signs of gum disease and should be used as a red flag that indicates that our oral health care routine needs to be changed. Following are the remedies that you can follow to prevent oral diseases:

  1. Brush with fluoride toothpaste twice a day for two minutes:

For some reason, this is the number one remedy. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day for two minutes is essential for gum health and helps prevent other oral diseases.

For best results, use an electric toothbrush to brush your teeth at night and at another time during the day.

It is also important that we spit out excess toothpaste after brushing our teeth and do not rinse our mouth with water. This ensures that the fluoride stays on our teeth for longer, which provides us with extra protection.

  1. Use an interdental brush or dental floss

Using interdental brushes or flossing is another key component of a good oral care routine. This is because toothbrushes cannot enter between our teeth like interdental brushes or dental floss. It is important to get into areas that the toothbrush cannot reach, otherwise, dental plaque may form, which may cause problems for our gums.

In recent years, research has linked gum health to reducing the risk of heart disease, so the benefits have exceeded our gum health.

  1. Use a fluoride mouthwash

Fluoride mouthwash is good for oral health because it helps to remove debris from the mouth. It also helps prevent plaque buildup between teeth brushing, between teeth, and on the surface of teeth.

Most importantly, it can also help freshen your breath by killing the bacteria associated with bad breath (bad breath). It is important that when considering mouthwashes, we should choose a fluoride-containing mouthwash to help our teeth get extra protection throughout the day.

  1. Visit the dentist

If something goes wrong with our car, we will probably call the mechanic, right? The same principle applies to problems among our oral and dental health professionals. The dental practice is the best way to solve any oral health problems we encounter (including bleeding gums).

If our gums continue to bleed for a long time, it is important that we do not wait for the regular appointments to arrive-answer the phone and make an appointment.

  1. Healthy eating habits and lifestyle

This is not only important for bleeding gums but also important for health. In order for our mouth to work properly, a healthy diet is important. Please remember that when we read the “no sugar” label, it does not necessarily mean that the product contains no sugar.

This only means that no additional sugar has been added, but does not include the presence of natural sugars. Lifestyle factors also affect our oral health, such as smoking and drinking. Those who smoke are more susceptible to gum disease. This is because smoking causes insufficient oxygen in the blood, so infected gums cannot be cured.

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